Tsatsii uncovers the mystery of the lost biscuit – BBTitans.

Tsatsii was completely astonished by the people responsible when Blaqboi, Jaypee, Marvin, and her brought up the topic of missing food in the garden. While cleaning the kitchen in the early morning, Tsatsii found some cookies and chocolates stashed under the sink.

Mmeli advised that the loot be shared among housemates because no one knew who owned it after she swiftly attracted attention to herself. But this afternoon, when Tsatsii was discussing the matter with Blaqboi, Jaypee, and Marvin, the owners of the wealth were made public. Tsatsii’s finding enraged Blaqboi, who admitted that the cookies and chocolates were his.

Tsatsii, on the other hand, found it difficult to believe that the no-nonsense Head of House Kanaga could be involved in such an act. She repeatedly questioned Blaqboi, who laughed at her naivety with Marvin. Marvin revealed that he and Kanaga Jnr had been trading in-house loot since the show’s inception. Jaypee told Tsatsii to accept what she had just heard about Kanaga Jnr, and move on.

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