Dudu Zuma Calls For Believers Of RET To Join SANCO.

The daughter of the previous president of South Africa, Duduzile Zuma, has urged everyone who adheres to the RET principles to join SANCO.

This comes following the election of the ANC veteran, and champion of Radical Economic Transformation, Jacob Zuma as provincial chairperson of the South African National Civic Organisation. It is alleged that since Zuma was elected as the provincial chairperson of the civic organisation, membership is going up. Some RET comrades have also expressed their willingness to follow and support Zuma in his new endeavour.

Although the election of Zuma was being contested by some members of the civic organisation who claimed to be the legitimate leaders, the ANC veteran is declared the new provincial chairperson. Critics argue that SANCO did well by aligning themselves with Zuma, as now their membership is going up.

Duduzile Zuma is now calling on all those who believe in Radical Economic Transformation to join the South African National Civic Organisation. She seem to be promoting this organisation after her father became its provincial chairperson.”If you believe in Radical Economic Transformation.

You need to be a member of SANCO,” she said.Those opposed to the idea of Jacob Zuma being elected as the provincial chairperson of the South African National Civic Organisation, took swipe at Zuma’s daughter.”So how come you never told us this before, but only now that your father is the chairperson of SANCO?

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“I expected you to support your father’s friend, Carl Niehaus and mobilise his followers to join the RET movement instead of SANCO. Wouldn’t Carl’s movement be the appropriate vehicle to pursue your RET objective? ATM too has transformation as its objective, I guess,” some took swipe at Dudu Zuma.

Other comrades within the ANC accuse Zuma of wanting to revive his political career using the civic organisation. They said it will not be a surprise, if the organisation reveals one day that they want to contest at the 2024 elections.

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