“Yvonne and Juicy Jay’s Friendship Takes a Romantic Turn with a Kiss on BBTitans”

After putting Juicy Jay in the friend zone for days, Yvonne finally gave him the go-ahead by leaning in for a hot kiss in the early morning hours. The couple awakened after sharing a hug and went to the dressing room.

While there, Juicy Jay made an attempt to kiss Yvonne, but she pulled away while taunting and laughing at him. Although the kiss eventually took place, Juicy Jay encountered a few obstacles on the way.

Yvonne proceeded to let Juicy Jay know he was tempting her. He felt she was making him go around in circles, and the pair flirted for a while before she finally gave in. They both seemed thrilled after the kiss and Yvonne made her way back to bed after a hug.

Shippers, Juivonne indeed has a nice ring to it. Don’t you agree?

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She once saw him as just a friend, but it’s getting deeper with Juicy Jay.

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