Relationship history you didn’t know about the housemates – BBTitans.

We met down with the housemates before the start of the season to learn the specifics of their romantic past, particularly those times when things did not turn out well. It turns out that quite a few of the housemates have gone through the special kind of pain that comes with a cheating spouse, which may help to explain why some of them have been wary of starting relationships in the house (clearly, we’re not talking about Yemi Cregx here).

When asked if he’d ever been cheated on Juicy Jay told us that, “my girlfriend slept with my friend,” which really must have hurt. Being betrayed by your partner is bad enough, but to have a friend complicit in the situation must be pretty unbearable. When asked how he dealt with the situation, he responded that, “he would definitely not speak to her or want to see her,” which is fair enough. Mmeli had a similar experience, but a very different way of dealing with it. “Well, she went back to her ex-boyfriend while dating me. I found out and then had a fling with her ex best friend. Tit for tat!” Okay, then.

When she discovered that her long-term boyfriend had been sleeping with his married receptionist, “along with every girl in the neighbourhood”, Khosi says she “went straight to depression. I have never been the same since that relationship.” However, she says, “the new me would continue with life like you never even existed.” That’s progress.

Similarly, Tsatsii’s approach to dealing with a cheating partner is to “walk away, delete their number, on with my life.” These housemates certainly have a decisive way of dealing with this sort of thing. “Close the door, and walk away,” is how Kanaga Jnr deals with this sort of thing, which he experienced when a former girlfriend’s lies were just not adding up.

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Other housemates experienced heartbreak for different reasons, like Ipeleng who got the tired, old, “it’s not you, it’s me,” speech, or Nelisa when she “realised that his best (female) friend would always come first.”Then there’s Lukay, who says, “I can’t say I’ve been heartbroken, because I’ve never given anyone access to my heart.” We’re not sure if he’s lucky or not.Will relationships in the Big Brother Titans house fare any better? We’ll have to keep watching and see.

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