Olivia’s mood troubles housemates – BBTitans.

Due to her and her partner, Juicy Jay, being up for eviction, Olivia seems to be in a foul mood recently. Some of her housemates are bothered by her mood but are unable to come up with solutions to assist her.

Ipeleng had earlier informed Biggie that she thought Olivia had some resentment toward her as a result of Blaqleng using their veto power to preserve the Royals and replace them with Juiovla. Later on that day, Ipeleng and Lukay discussed Olivia’s perspective on being nominated. Ipeleng stated that it was only a game and that Olivia would have to utilize her veto power if she were to become Head of House.

Jenni O was in the kitchen area around the same time, advising Juicy Jay not to let any negative energy wear him down. While she was speaking, Juicy Jay, who appeared frustrated, complained that he couldn’t understand why Olivia was taking the nominations so personally. He decided to keep things strictly business while she revelled in her energy.

Yvonne and Nana, who were also perplexed by Olivia’s recent behaviour, spoke with Jenni O. Nana suggested Jenni O speak with Olivia, but Jenni O stated that she had already spoken with Olivia and that there was nothing else she could do.

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Is this all part of Olivia’s game plan, or is she really in a daze right now? Only time will tell.

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