The only place in the world where white people are aware that they are immigrants is Zimbabwe. Review COMMENTS.

In Zimbabwe, white people are never arrogant; rather, they are constantly modest and aware of their station. I observed conceited white individuals in South Africa and Namibia. That’s a fact: white people belonged in Zimbabwe. Now, Zimbos are hopping fences and moving in with their old employers in South Africa, Botswana, and Namibia, which is absurd.

We don’t treat them like they’re from another country. They’re just like us, and racism has no place here. Cross the Limpopo if you want to be racist. And what does that mean for Zimbabwe? Zimbabweans rushing to South Africa to work for foreigners?We don’t treat them like foreigners because they are usually Zimbabweans. Racism has no place here. Speak for yourself. Zimbabwe is a melting pot. The Zimbabwean cricket team is made up of white men.

The more you travel, the stranger South Africa seems. Germany used to rule over Tanzania, but now everyone there speaks Swahili. There is no other language that is official.

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