Take a look at the person who met with President Ramaphosa—that made news.

There are many South Africans who occasionally doubt President Cyril Ramaphosa’s ability to lead. Some even claim that the president is now supporting White Monopoly Capital while ignoring the demands of common South Africans.

A recent picture of President Cyril Ramaphosa shared on social media by the Russian government got people talking on social media. The picture displays President Ramaphosa as he welcomed Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov during his visit in our country. “President of the Republic of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa receives Sergey Lavrov during the Russian Foreign Minister’s visit to South Africa. The location is, Pretoria, January 23.” The Russian government shared.

The picture got people off guard, because of their views and own believe that, Ramaphosa is an advocate of WMC. Other people did not just like the meeting because of the war taking place, between Russia and Ukraine. However, our country has diplomatic relations with Russia and an alliance through BRICS. “South Africa aligning itself with a country run by a despot, executing a war of aggression against a sovereign state. This government has loosened all moorings to reality.” Pieter Du Toit said.

Unfortunately, Ramaphosa’s take-over as President of our country, has been met with many challenges, the biggest of them all being the Covid-19 outbreak. One of his other challenges is the factional battles within the ANC, which seeks to destabilize his leadership. “Welcome Russia. Please be careful with our current leadership. They are the agents of the west. We still thank our former president, Jacob Zuma, for the wise direction to partner against the west. So Ramaphosa, his masters, are in London.” A social media user said.

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