“Pairing Twist Brings New Excitement to BBTitans Fans”

Following the announcement that the housemates will now proceed as pairs, social media quickly realised what this might mean for their faves.

Now that Big Brother Titans has turned into a team sport, audiences were shook when they realised that their favourite housemates might now be working alongside those they might not like quite as much, because voting now happens in pairs. As you would expect, they made their feelings known on social media.On another note, the “gossip queens” have been making tongues wag on social media, too. Their comments about Khosi did not go unnoticed, and people seem to think that indicates she might be a strong contender.

Last night’s nominations really have brought about some tension in the house because the housemates are convinced that they won’t get another reprieve like they did in Sunday’s show. The game is well and truly on.

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