Fans of Aamirah Ngwenya, Psyfo’s wife, marvel over her most recent images with their son.

Mothers are more fortunate and blessed since they can bear their children as well. However, kids also have more opportunities to bond with them than they do with their fathers. When a child is born, mothers get more time than men do. This is due to the fact that children depend more on their moms than they do on their fathers. in particular when they are still quite young.

Former Yotv presenter Sipho Ngwenya previously known as Psyfo, welcomed his son last year. He is very hands on in raising his child, but it doesn’t come any close to his wife. Aamirah spends more time with baby Croc and we love the content that she always gives us.

She has shared cute pictures of them together while lying on the ground. It seems the mother and son duo went out to the part. We love how the little man is directly looking at the camera. Who knows he might floor both his parent’s footsteps when it comes to entertaining people.

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