Read the revelation of Elton Jantjies’ affair with Zeenat Simjee

Read the revelation of Elton Jantjies' affair with Zeenat Simjee
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According to Report on Sunday, Elton Jantjies’ wife, Iva Ristic, urged Rassie Erasmus to take action against team nutritionist Zeenat Simjee.

Simjee has been embroiled in allegations of an affair with Bok’s former half Elton Jantjies, who has not toured with the team due to official stances that he hasn’t played enough rugby recently.

However, Simjee returned to the team setup for the end-of-year tour, with the director of rugby Rassie Erasmus previously stating that there were no grounds to prevent her return to national duties.

Last week, however, Jantjies admitted to the affair in an explosive interview, while Sport24 even hinted that Simjee was involved in meetings with SA Rugby chairman Mark Alexander and board chairman Jurie Roux on Wednesday night and he ended up could go. the team’s camp.

According to Rapport on Sunday, Jantjies’ wife even stepped in as she felt it was unfair that Simjee was able to be continue touring with the Boks. The report states that Ristic even had a long discussion about the affair with Erasmus, and also sent him a screenshot of text messages between Simjee and Jantjies.

Ristic apparently claimed her husband and Simjee were involved in ‘romantic’ engagements during Bok tours and not just when the team was off.

This included apparently having proof of a reservation for a romantic meal on a boat in Sydney Harbour that Simjee allegedly made for her and Jantjies for the Thursday before the Boks’ Test against Australia on 3 September.

Ristic, who also has evidence of hotel and flight bookings for the two, claimed Erasmus was “shocked” by the messages and said he would hand them over to SA Rugby’s HR department.

The report further implies that Simjee apparently wanted Jantjies to divorce his wife, while in another message the team dietician apparently asked the Bok flyhalf why he was still uploading photos of Iva on Instagram.


Last month, Jantjies said he is focusing on his mental health to ensure he gets his ‘personal life and career back on track’. Taking to social media recently, Jantjies also opened up on the Boks’ decision to not consider him for the end-of-year tour, saying he ‘fully understands’.

Before last month, Jantjies had not spoken publicly since issuing a statement several weeks ago, in which he took ‘full responsibility’ for his actions, but did not admit to any allegations of an affair. The dramatic statement came after the experienced flyhalf and Simjee had been released from the Bok camp after reports of an alleged tryst between the two.

However, in an interview with News24, Jantjies admitted to the affair, opening up about the pain caused and how he is working towards repairing the damage done. The article also states that he made the confession to his wife, Iva, who is also quoted in the article and states that they are unlikely to be romantically involved ever again.

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Jantjies also said he had completely cut communication with Simjee, and reportedly added that he was “amazed” she was back in the Bok camp.

“At the end of the day what happened, happened. I am not proud of it, but I am learning to deal with it and start afresh. My family is my life and right now I am working on getting my rugby career back on track. This has honestly been one of the worst experiences of my life.”

Recently it was also reported that Jantjies was reportedly treated for ‘drug addiction’ as part of the ‘professional help’ he has sought out. However, he said in the interview that he has “no mental health issues” and was never in a rehab centre.

Although he previously denied the affair in a statement, Jantjies said this was not written by him and that he regretted placing his trust on other to do “damage control” on his behalf.

Jantjies has continued to post regularly to his instagram account, showing him hard at work in the gym and doing various boxing sessions, which remains another sport that he is extremely passionate about.

His social media accounts have also shown him reunited with his family, while sharing message of love just several weeks after the bombshell news had come to light.


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