“ActionSA Will Become The Second-Biggest Party in 2024” — Madi Boity Predicts

Social media influencer and critic, Madi Boity has made powerful predictions, saying that ActionSA will become the second-largest political party in South Africa by 2024. In the past, the highly influential social media analyst has made predictions that came to pass; hence, many people are reacting to this recent prediction of his.

It is no longer news that ActionSA is making giant strides already. The party has launched its presence in all the provinces of the country.

The party which began just a few years ago has become a force to reckon with. In many municipalities, their presence is being felt. Madi Boity prediction did not come as a surprise to many people.

They already know that Herman Mashaba have envisaged that the party would be the end of the ANC. Madi Boity stated, “Action SA will be the second-biggest party in South Africa after the 2024 elections”.

Even the party’s founder, Herman Mashaba have acknowledged the exponential growth of the party. In his pinned Twitter post, he confessed that despite starting the party during the pandemic, they have done extremely well. He wrote, “We started @Action4SA during a global pandemic.

Our launch was online (no supporters & no media).

We contested six municipalities out of 278.

We drew the 6th largest support nationally.

We helped bring the ANC under 50%.

Furthermore, we are only just getting started. 2024 is coming”. Herman Mashaba is not a novice in terms of politics. He was formerly in the Democratic Alliance, and was previously the mayor of Johannesburg under the DA.

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Another person noted that it is very possible that the party will emerge higher. He predicted position three or four for the party. Someone else also said that, “I’ve been watching it very closely, I can see the howling of the other side they’ll go to position 3 to 4 fast.

If people are clever, they will get together and vote out the ANC. By forming many parties, it will never happen. The ANC is here to stay. Pray that they become wise, get rid of the corrupt and the Communists and save South Africa before it is too late”.

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