Check out the house Big Zulu builds for his grandmother

Big Zulu builds house for his grandmother

The famous person posted pictures of the new house on his social media accounts. He has expressed his excitement and posted a house he built for his grandmother. From a small house to big house a gift for his grandmother from him.

AHe has finally accomplished something, “Big Zulu “shows his joy. He is filled with joy because he has done something that got everyone applauded him and congratulated him for his good work he has done.

So grateful that Granny House is Complete, he wrote. He went on and said his is glad that he managed to built something beautiful as this for his grandmother. He said it’s something that he is been meaning to do for a long time.

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I left to paint at home, saying, “Thank you, it’s finished.” He said he is glad to see the final product of his project and his grandmother will be having a nice shelter under her.

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