Makhadzi Breaks The Silence On The Master KG vs Vee Brawl

Makhadzi who is undoubtedly the best musician in South Africa at the moment was in the middle of the drama on Friday when Master KG was attacking a Botswana musician Vee Mampeezy on social media, it takes no rocket scientist to see that Master KG is worried that Vee seems to be getting too close to Makhadzi and he is not happy about it since it seem as if she is also giving him attention, that could mean trouble for him since their relationship seems to be on the rocks after he pulled a no show at Makhadzi’s One Woman Show.

Popularly known for her Sugar Sugar hit where she was saying whoever gets intimate with her finds it hard to leave her, Makhadzi has reportedly responded to the drama which she is ery much part of responded to what has been happening, she reportedly wrote and responded to the drama literally saying may the best man win.

According to reports, Makhadzi said she should be counted out of the whole drama since she also counted herself out last week when she was suppose to perform in Botswana, she said she knew what that there was going to be drama in Botswana which is the reason why she did not go.

In addiction, the award winning songstress blammed Master KG for not going to Botswana, she literally said he owes her an apology since he is the reason she did not go to Botswana, all in all, she said she is waiting for the winner.

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“Guys what’s wrong? Can’t you see it’s heating? Nna if you fight count me out because last week I counted myself out when i was supposed to perform in Botswana. I knew what was going to happen and i decided to stay in SA. So fight im waiting for the winner. Wena (You) Kagiso you owe me apology, you’re the reason why I didn’t make it to Botswana,” she said according to reports.

Social media was literally brought to a complete hault on Friday as Master KG attacked the Botswana artists calling him all sorts of names.

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