SAns don’t like Zimbabweans or any foreigner telling the truth about country- Says Simba Chitando

Simba Chitando has recently been in the news as a result of the role he is playing in the matter that is being contested between the Department of Home Affairs and those who have been granted a Zimbabwe exemption permit.

He serves as the legal representative for the permit holders who were not given the opportunity to renew their ZEP permits.

However, Chitando has made another statement that has his fans feeling conflicted about what they should think about it.

He made the accusation that the people of South Africa did not want to listen to a Zimbabwean or any other African native tell them how terrible their country is. He claimed that it is now patently clear to those working in the Southern African Development Countries that South Africa’s economy is deteriorating with time.

His comment is a response to the allegations that were brought forward by a Zimbabwean journalist named Haru Mutasa, who is currently on vacation in South Africa. The woman stated that while she was in South Africa, her bag, which contained a significant number of valuables, was taken from her. She also stated that she was trapped in an elevator for thirty minutes due to a power outage.

As time went on, it became clear that all of her assertions were false. Simba Chitando was driven to make the aforementioned statement because South Africans continued to mock her on social media despite the fact that she had issued an apology.

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