Opinion || Kenny Kunene was right in 2017 about President Cyril Ramaphosa tenure – here what he said

I was wrong. I admit it. In 2017, entrepreneur Kenny Kunene predicted that President Cyril Ramaphosa would be the worst president of South Africa’s democratic era.

He called him “weak” and said his tenure would make things worse for the country, saying he wouldn’t be able to fight corruption or change anything because he’d only been in politics for a year.

Kenny Kunene was right.

Kunene made headlines during the state capture saga when he claimed that he had given President Jacob Zuma more than R4 billion in exchange for political support and protection.

In an interview with The Star newspaper last year, he said: “I have been a loyal supporter of all ANC presidents since Mandela but not anymore, especially [Ramaphosa]. He has failed our country in so many ways!”

The ANC has always favoured Ramaphosa over everyone else. They are not interested in serving the people, but rather their own survival and that of their families. The ANC is not interested in the future of South Africa, only its own political survival.

The ANC has always taken a very pro-Ramaphosa stance and this was evident from the beginning of his presidency when he was elected as president in 2017.

The party supported him even though he brought nothing to the table but destruction to our economy and political stability as well as corruption allegations against himself which were never investigated or taken seriously by any governing body within South Africa’s parliament or judiciary system, not even his own party.

He was right. Ramaphosa is a businessman, and not a good politician. In his first few months in office, Ramaphosa has already disappointed many South Africans who put their faith in him to save the country from corruption and cronyism.

He’s failed to deliver on his promises of economic transformation and job creation, instead choosing to focus on issues that don’t benefit ordinary South Africans:

  • Ramaphosa announced plans for land expropriation without compensation
  • He oversaw the passing of legislation increasing VAT rates across all goods and services

Kunene was aware of this outcome before the 2019 elections, hence his call for voters to vote for parties other than the ANC. He was right. The ANC has shown us that it does not care about the people. It does not care about its own policies, members or supporters. They only care about money and power.

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The party which ruled South Africa under apartheid is back in full force after taking over from a democratic government which came into power through free and fair elections.

When I say “taking over” what I mean is that they are now using their newly found power to abuse anyone who opposes them in any way whatsoever – be it in parliament or outside on social media platforms like Twitter (where Kunene currently resides).

If they continue with their current strategy, they will end up as failures. A country that has been built on the foundation of property rights, due process, rule of law and free markets cannot survive under anarchy where people can invade your property at any time without consequence.


The movement has now been left with two options stick to their guns and allow the country to become a failed state or concede defeat and abandon the revolution.

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