Mzansi laughed at Cyan Boujee for her amateur DJ skill

After hearing her mix, a brief video of a well-known female DJ leaked on social media, leaving commenters in stitches.

With more female DJs in South Africa, it is obvious that the music business is expanding daily. Today, we can name a few of the top female DJs in Mzansi, including “Uncle Waffles” and “DBN GoGo,” to name a couple.

It’s safe to argue that female DJs are just as skilled at creating and blending music as male DJs are.

Although not all DJs are so talented, they are nonetheless receiving attention without merit.

People were let down by a brief video of a female DJ who was on the deck, which serves as evidence for the aforementioned claim. because her music was always glitching.

Tweeps continued by telling her that they don’t think she has a future in music and that she should give up and look for a new career.

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An individual by the user name of ” Man’s NOT Barry Roux @AdvoBarryRoux ” felt the need to share this sight with the people on social media.

On the 27th of September 2022 around 3:54 PM , and captioned it ” Cyan Boujee is actually a talented DJ. “

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