2 Zimbabwean Suspects Have Been Arrested After The Police Found Explosives

2 Zimbabwean Suspects Have Been Arrested After The Police Found Explosives

Two suspects have been arrested by the South African Police Service Beitbridge Task Team after they were found in possession of explosives along the N1 road, Musina.

These suspects are seriously involved in some serious criminal activities that we have ever seen in the country, and he was found in possession of some explosives.

These are the same explosives which are used in cash in transit heists, there are also explosives which are used in the illegal mining operations which are being conducted in the country.

Which have bread other criminal activities that we have realized are a problem, whereby the suspects are terrorizing the ordinary members of the public and that is the unfortunate part about this whole situation.

247 blasting cartridges, 1,250 connector capped fuses and seven reels of detonating cords seized. The police had basically confiscated everything that they found on the premises, so that they can be able to ensure that the suspects do not repeat their criminal activities because it is obvious that such criminal activities have been committed many times over.

We have basically been concerned with the fact that such criminality can even happen, the police must ensure that they intensify their efforts to deal with the suspects. We can rest assured that the suspects are involved in the illegal black market, where these items are being dealt amongst the perpetrators of crimes.

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They’re definitely responsible for ensuring that they are stealing these items, this is something that cannot be allowed to continue to happen because the authorities need to ensure that the people of this country are safe from the crimes that are happening as a result of these heist as well as the illegal mining operations.

This is not even the first time we have seen such operations being conducted which means that the police were not successful in ensuring that they can stop the criminality from happening and that is the disappointing part about this whole operation, because there’s no way that they can manage to get away with this criminality.


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