Watch the embarassing moment Gwede Mantashe was Booed off the stage

Watch the embarassing moment Gwede Mantashe was Booed off the stage

The internet is flooded with an embarrassing video of Gwede Mantashe being booed off the stage.

Being a politician is not for the weak of heart. You need to be a person of strength, who can control their emotions, and who knows when to let go and when not to. If you can’t handle criticism and insults, you won’t make it in the political sphere because others will use them as an outlet for their irritation anytime they are angry.

A video that is making the rounds on social media shows the Mineral Resources & Energy Minister, Gwede Mantashe, being dragged by a group of individuals who appeared to be ANC supporters due to the fact that they were sporting party t-shirts. The people were waving their hands to tell him to leave because they had had enough of him.

At this point, it is unknown why people were so angry with him, but according to those who commented, one reason why people may be angry is due to the nationwide power blackouts, and as the minister of mineral resources and energy, it is his responsibility to ensure that things are returning to normal and that electricity is being provided to the people without the blackouts.

Criticism is not something Gwede takes kindly. Thabo Mbeki, the former leader of the African National Congress, was retaliated against last week after he urged that Eskom’s leadership, which consists of “politicians and accountants,” be reevaluated in order to resolve the issue at Eskom.

The worst thing you can do as a leader is to criticize your predecessor and successor, Mantashe responded. You appear to project your own area as clean — and everyone else’s as dirty — when you compare yourself to a predecessor or successor.

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