DRIP BEHIND BARS Pictures of a prisoner has been leaked wearing a fashionable uniform

The unidentified prisoner has turned prison clothes into something fashionable. It is not the actual uniform that was bought for him.

When it comes to fashion, it is something people love all over the world and are making the best of it. He enjoys a life behind bars and that is his lifestyle.

Happiness is created by where you are and what you have. If you are not in prison, there is a lot that you would choose to have and do for yourself even though their restrictions within the facility. He is living in a small world, but he has managed to get himself a better lifestyle. It is good because it gives him a good image of himself and that would work better for him.

It shows he has changed and maybe he is eligible to get out of prison. It would be much later to start a new life.

When it comes to fashion, it is something that changes all the time and life after prison seems to be better than it was in the last 30 years.

Even though a prison has rules, they have changed and for those who are in it, they have a better understanding. They are able to decide on what to eat as part of their rights.

Reactions from the comment section are incredible and having to talk about dating is a challenge. Rakgadi said, “He looks datable and I am truly charmed.”

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Many other people have been against her because he is someone being charged in prison. What he has done is something that will not be erased, but he can change to become a better person.

Everyone is deserving of a second chance in life and if that person does not do better, you can accept that person won’t change. Many people went to prison and then made better lifestyles for themselves. Israel Matseke Zulu has made it very clear that if you are keen on changing your lifestyle, you will have a beautiful lifestyle. He is now one of many people favourite legendary actor.

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