Lady who disappeared without trace in Limpopo returns home (Pics)

A 32-year-old lady went missing with no trace, only to return later. With rising crime rates in South Africa, criminal incidents happen daily.

A lot needs to be in place to change our current situation. Thanks to poverty and illiteracy, wealth gaps in Mzansi have widened, and the effects are devastating.

However, crime isn’t the only thing bugging South Africans as mental health care doesn’t get much attention in the country as other medical conditions take people’s attention. Most South Africans should take their mental health seriously, especially with how things are going in the country.

32-year-old Kedisi Mosebjadi Rapau left home without a trace, and many searched but could not find the missing lady. Even though her family put out a missing person’s report, Mosebjadi didn’t return for a week.

The incident happened in Nobody, Thakgalang (located at Ga-Mothapo, Limpopo). Reports say people tried reaching Mosebjadi on her phone, but she switched off the cellphone. One could have thought that Mosebjadi had become another victim of GBV in Mzansi until the unbelievable happened.

Mosebjadi returned home on her own, and when asked about her whereabouts, she admitted that she needed some “alone time”, hence the “disappearance”. Leaving home without informing her loved ones is not outstanding, as they were worried about her wellbeing.

Then again, Mosebjadi could likely be going through a lot of mental stress; hence, the rest to get some quiet time. Informing her family members would have saved them from the stress of being worried.

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“The 32-year-old from Nobody Thakgalang disappeared without a trace on Wednesday last week, and her cellphone has been off ever since.

The family says Mosebjadi returned home on Saturday. Asked about her whereabouts, she said that she wanted some time alone hence she left home. The family has thanked the public for assisting, reports say.

Dear South Africans, please take care of your mental health by attending therapy sessions so you don’t have to be mentally stressed

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