Maphorisa reacts to Mac G cussing him for gatekeeping Amapiano

Mac G has hurled fowl and obscene language to the popular DJ Maphorisa for being a gatekeeper of Amapiano at Podcast With Mac G.

This is coming after Dr. Malinga alluded to similar story where he claimed that Maphorisa refused to allow the song he did with Kabza De Small drop.

Mac G claimed that someone informed him that Maphorisa would be mad if he gets to know about his release of EP without approval from the DJ.

Which he furiously questioned why Maphorisa would do such a thing to his fellow artiste in the industry.

Talking about gate keeping, someone who told me that Maphorisa is gonna be mad that I’m dropping an EP and I didn’t ask for his approval. I’m like, a?what fuckery is that before I drop an EP? Imagine that.
I’m like Maphorisa is gonna be mad because I didn’t ask approval because he’s the gatekeeper.
He’s not my father Fuck him. Bro you can eat a dick. Oh these days nigga must eat a dick man. You know if you want to drop an EP, you can fuck around and drop a fucking album

DJ Maphorisa has reacted to the incident wondered why Mac G would disrespect him this way as he has never done such thing to him.
“heban @MacGUnleashed wats the problem we come far boy neva even once disrespected u why this wats the problem????”

A lot of fans are reacting to the issue while some are wondering why Mac G didn’t call Maphorisa before making such wild allegation.

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Usually Mac G calls those concerned live on his show, to ask them their side of the story, but this time he did not even bother.

Sol tried saying it’s false but he didn’t bother as he continued with the story.
Sol even asked who said it…Mac brushed that off.

People believe he is trying to create hype around his upcoming project.

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