EXPOSED: Longwe Twala reportedly did this to Senzo Meyiwa’s killer on the day Senzo was killed

This morning, after a delay that lasted all night, a new important witness took the stand. Tumelo Madlala, who is Meyiwa’s best friend, is going to testify as a witness and confirm that he was inside the house when the murder took place.

He will do this by saying that he saw the murder take place.

Mr. Tumelo Madlala detailed everything that occurred before, during, and after the murder of Senzo Meyiwa.

He also discussed the details of the murder itself and the aftermath of the crime.

Tumelo asserted that the intruder entered the house dreadlocked and wearing a jacket of a caramel color. The intruder also allegedly carried a rifle.

He asserts that he is unable to say for certain what hue it is.

Tumelo Madlala asserted that Longwe Twala was the one who dragged the intruder out of the house and then fled the scene.

According to him, Kelly was only able to get up and go into a bedroom when he pushed the intruder aside and gave him some space to get away.

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It is now believed by several people that Longwe Thwala was either directly involved in or at the very least aware of the incident.

The concept that someone may walk up to another person who is armed and wish to use it is one that many people find hard to wrap their heads around.

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