Big Zulu Finally Speak Out After Pictures Of His Alleged Gay Wedding Went Viral

Big Zulu, an Inkabi national, has spoken out after photos that look like him began circulating online. The misunderstanding that he recently tied the knot with a man gets Big Zulu into difficulties.

According to his new wife, the groom looks like Big Zulu. Although Big Zulu’s face was obscured, many in Mzansi were convinced that it depicted her after she had recently wed another guy.

Big Zulu, a South African rapper, recently posted a lengthy message on his Facebook page in which he addressed the controversial photos. People’s initial impressions of his sexuality have been shaken by the photos, it seems.

Big Zulu had already requested that his trolls desist from their antics. A number of people, he claimed, were trying to play him for a fool, but he urged them to stop.

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With the message, “Hey, you’re mistreating me; is there someone out there who thinks this is me? No, stop toying with me; instead, let’s respect one another; don’t bury me alive.

Big Zulu recently wed a woman from Soweto in the present day, and he claims that his life is being threatened because of this fact. He also claims that the revelation could provide an opportunity for him to escape while he is still alive.

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