Lady Du suggests Musa Keys and Nivo may have purchased their South African Music Award.

South African music performer, Lady Du has publicly suggested that Musa Keys and Nivo may have bought their South African Music Award.

This is coming after she made a post online suggesting the duo might have influenced their winning the Record of The Year Award.

“I would like to ask if nepotism works also person get a tender for organising artists to perform on stage, then the artist he is managing gets the biggest award of the night??? I want to know because Nina niya thula e South Africa??? Mina ngeke”

She also made a comparison of how Multi-Platinum selling record artiste who is selling out arenas in Australia is not good enough to be Record of the year.

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“I guess a multi platinum selling record from an artist who’s selling out arenas as far as Australia % isn’t good enough for Record of the year”.

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