What truly happened during Soweto cash heist

Gauteng police have launched a manhunt for an unknown number of suspects who robbed a cash van in Orlando, Soweto cash heist on Tuesday.

The armored cash van was traveling from the Bara Mall in Diepkloof to Orlando East when it was attacked by an armed gang who brought the vehicle to a standstill.

National police spokesperson Robert Netshiunda says three security guards were robbed of their firearms. 

The suspects fled the scene with an undisclosed amount of money. 

The driver sustained a head injury after he was hit with the butt of a firearm by the suspects.

The robbery, which took place on the corner of Chakane Street in Orlando East, is the second such robbery at the same spot this year, following an incident in April.

Those on the scene say they heard gunshots which were closely followed by an explosion.

A witness told us that she had just finished filling her bucket with water from one of the houses when she saw a BMW car alleged to have been used by the robbers to run off the G4S vehicle.

“I had just finished filling my bucket from the house next to where it all happened. They used this vehicle to ram into the cash-in-transit vehicle and after that I heard gunshots. I ran for my life,” said the witness, who refused to be named.

Hearing the gunshots, other community members ran to the scene, hoping to pick up a note or two from the spoils.

“I was late and I could not get anything. I had hoped to that I would be able to get something. They took everything,” one person said.

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Another community member said there was no money stolen at the scene of the crime, adding that it could be possible that the money was taken beforehand and the shooting was meant to “just appear as genuine robbery”.

“I think the money was long taken before the robbery. How do you explain the fact that there is no evidence of money on the floor?” the man asked.

Another witness, who claims to have seen the robbers escape, said there were five cars involved in the robbery, adding that these cars came from different directions as the shots were being fired.

“A white Mercedes-Benz came from behind and had four men inside and sped away after the everything had been done. The police came just after they had gone. One of the police vans came just after the robbers had fled. They (the police) were just a few seconds too late,” he said.

One of the security officials from G4S who was patrolling the area after the incident said no one was killed or badly injured during the robbery. Police were yet to comment on the robbery as they were still at the scene, combing for clues.

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