Read another excuse from SASSA that got Mzansi angry


A lot of South Africans have taken to social media to vent their frustration regarding the SASSA delay and incompetent handling of the grant payment which has taken so long.

They are accused of trying by all means not to pay the SRD grant benefits which they are saying have taken so long with many excuses.

The SRD website is currently down due to technical challenges. Our technicians are working tirelessly to resolve the issue. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience caused

Please when it’s working you declined us so what’s the use you declined us but there is people that you approve and they are working and is getting the money. Since the srd 350 began you declined us

Check out some complaints from the hopeful beneficiaries:

“How much time I must wait for the June payment? Because I be approved for a long time but when I get to shops trying to withdraw is decline I’m already owing People more than that 350 now I used to borrow transport money to check 350 and come back empty handed’

From Shaka Zulu, he said ‘I think people should see how the government thinks about them. They pretty much don’t care, people got declined for having active bank accounts and some have been pending since march The money is not even enough to last 2days so really it’s just something the government is now using to torture the poor’.

From Csanda Ganyile: That’s their new strategy to decline people with wrong reasons like last month they started with this stories of technical challenges then boom lots of people got declined nxxx apologize when u know exactly to doing this on peporse nxxx.”

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From Ndim Ndim: “Someone was using my bank card now my R350 is declined due to other source of income what hurts me the most is tht it was not even sent monthly”

From Bukiwe Makonco: “My srd grant is still pending on the website but I received it, on my way to the mall I decided to check it on my child’s SASSA card and there it was. Khaniyo check i balance kwabasebenzisa uSassa”

From Kutlwano Mogosi: “You find joy in people ‘s misery.yaz all these people it can be they have matric or not they are graduates or not fact is they all wish to work one day is just so hard trust me. Have mercy n heart on people.”

We hope the organization sort this out as soon as possible as people are very upset with their incompentence.

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