Important Information For Beneficiaries of Covid-19 SRD Grant

These seven SASSA grants increase in April here’s what they are now worth

Grant of R350: Those who want to apply for the April and May backlog funds should make sure their information is up to date.

SASSA told the people who applied for and got the R350 SRD grant to change their contact information and the questions they were asked during the screening process for April and May 2022.

The R350 SRD grant for this year was not given out in April or May. Since it had been said before those payments would start up again on June 22, many people who applied for the grant were hopeful that they would get it. But many were shocked when their applications were turned down.

Those who want the R350 SRD grant are asked to update their information.

Brenton Van Vrede, the Executive Manager of SASSA Grants Operations, said last week that 5 million of the 10.9 million R350 SRD award applications that were turned in were turned down.

SASSA said that applicants for the R350 SRD award who want to change their screening questions for the April and May 2022 assessments must do so by Thursday, July 7, 2022.

Also, SASSA said that customers could change any wrong personal information they had given on the SD website, as well as their answers to the screening questions on the application.

Civil society groups are going to court.

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to the Supreme Court of Appeal

Several civil society groups are worried about the strict criteria that are being used to decide who gets the R350 SRD award. This is because the National State of Disaster, which made the grant possible, ended in April of this year.

Under the old rules, you had to make at least R595 a month to get the R350 SRD award during the National State of Disaster. Under the new rules, that amount has been lowered to R350.

The strict criteria and means test, which civil society groups say keep millions of people who need help from the government from getting it and make it harder for hundreds of thousands of people who used to qualify for help to get it, are being challenged in court.

Several groups, including the Blacksash Trust and #PayTheGrants, put out a joint statement about the urgent crisis caused by the R350 SRD grant not being paid. The statement said, “Not a single grantee has received the April and May payments for this grant cycle by mid-June as promised.” Instead, only restitution for the time period from August to November 2021 has been made because of successful appeals.

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