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Album: Peterdoeslife – Teach Me How To Love (EP)

Johannesburg based songwriter, and R&B singer Peterdoeslife drops new EP project titled Teach Me How To Love.

It is a collection of work carefully curated to insight an emotional response from its listener.

The EP is a narrative of today’s fragile dating world, seen through the different lenses of a narcissistic lover, a toxic lover, and a simp.

Its debut single, “Like I Do” which his the leading single has been met with warm reception, amassing over 10k streams on Spotify within its first few weeks of release.
The production explores airy, layered harmonic themes, reminiscent of American R&B artist Brent Faiyaz. A compilation of 5 songs, each song varies in tone, culminating in the eponymous last track, Teach Me How To Love.

Peter Anguria

“The EP is a soul-filled, catchy collection of an individual struggling to comprehend traditional love, with current nonchalant dating culture,” says Peter.

When it comes to R&B, Peter seeks not to brand himself as a traditionalist. The EP attests to this fact, with Peter’s signature baritone voice booming through in the verses of Living For The Moment and Like I Do.

While not entirely conventional, contemporary R&B-pop themes shine through in tracks such as Love You Til I Die and Falling For You, which both portray catchy, radio friendly-tunes. However, the universal theme remains the same: peterdoeslife is not ordinary.

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