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Rising star RGRSNW drops his debut EP titled Tundra

Fast-rising star Roger Snow stylishly known as (RGRSNW) is making a comeback with his latest EP titled Tundra consisting of six amazing tracks with incredible tunes.

The lead Single ‘TAKES TIME’ was released on the 29th of April 2022, with the second single ‘PARALYZED’ released on the 13th of May 2022.

Heavily influenced by artists such as Burna boy, Wizkid, Mereba, Frank Ocean and Black coffee, The EP TUNDRA encompasses a mixture of alternative and RnB sounds, fused with an Afrobeat rhythm. RGRSNW has brought forth a melancholic tone in Tundra displaying a sense of vulnerability in a time when a generation is too afraid to say what it is that’s in their hearts.

The rising Alternative R&B singer pens that he wanted to bring the listeners into his world through Tundra. This EP will introduce Afro-Soul elements with a beautiful yet melancholic Lo-fi production. We start off with an R&B ballad about heartbreak, ‘Stop Playing’, which leads us to ‘Paralyzed’ where RGRSNW dwells on the meaning of consequences.

He describes Tundra as “the coldest biome on earth. It may be cold, but it is also beautiful. This EP is about confronting your feelings after a breakup… like where do we go from here? It is very emotional in an emotionless sense.”

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