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Facts: Are Electronic music duo Black Motion going solo?

South African electronic Music duo known for blending house music with lively indigenous percussion as well as multilingual vocals with an array of guests from the country’s thriving dance music community Black Motion has reportedly broken up.

The duo recently canceled a show in New York that they were supposed to attend as a group but could not go to anymore.

It was also noticed that in another gig Thabo was booked alone without Bongani Mohasana.

It is also alleged that Bongani Mohasana has rebranded and also now performs alone as Mörda after his Black Motion split with Thabo.


Black Motion and DJ Zinhle

A lot of people are suggesting that the break-up has something to do with DJ Zinhle being in a relationship with Bongz.

It is believed that Murdah Bongz is more focused on her woman than on Black Motion

This is one duo that was supposed to make music for years because of the magic they gave us, but just like other groups, they come and go.

A lot of people are dragging DJ Zinhle for being responsible for their breakup.

She’s misleading him if she’s the one who gave Morda the advice to go solo, Black Motion live performances used to be fire, and together they had chemistry on stage, now them going solo I don’t think the fire will be there.

Meanwhile, Black Motion through their Facebook handle has issued a cryptic message about their next announcement, we hope the announcement will put an end to the rumor.

Bongani says he is not leaving Black Motion

Meanwhile, on Instagram, Murdah has denied that he is leaving Black Motion after being asked by a fan if he would be leaving the music duo, and he responded, NO!

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