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White [email protected] Guys Take Down A Street Sign With Names Of Famous Black South Africans

Many┬áSouth African┬ácitizens are completely worried about the fact that we’re in a situation where we have people who are simply racist very racist, to such an extent that they even hate seeing the name of a black man even as a street sign.

On the other hand, we have this white man who shouted at a black couple saying that he mistook them for a hippo, and today we wake up with two black men assaulting a street sign and we arrived to even assume that they were doing so because the street side has the name of a black person.

Because of that as a country, we are supposed to accept that this is acceptable behavior but it is not and it is concerning when so many levels that we find incidences like this, the citizens have to do more in order to ensure that we get we do not get affected by the negativity and the racism that is found in the country.

Despite what most ordinary citizens have done to other people and allowing them to stay in the country without really causing many problems for them, it is seriously worrying that there are?

However it is not right of us to blame the whole nation for the actions of the few, however, we have taken note and do not appreciate what has been done here because it symbolizes a serious problem that we have in a city.

We cannot allow racism to come back many people have fought very hard to ensure that as the citizens of South Africa, we are moving in the right direction in terms of moving away from the racism and the bad problems.

Law enforcement is urging members of the public to come forward with information so that they can lead to the arrest of suspects who are involved in criminal activities, this is a great disrespect to our constitution and the suspects have to be made an example out of.

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