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ANC NEC Wants Sisulu to Explain Her Remarks After Her Controversial Media Statement

Following the drama between Tourism Minister Lindiwe Sisulu and President Cyril Ramaphosa, ANC NEC members including many veterans of the organisation are calling for the Minister to account for her remarks.

This follows Sisulu’s very controversial comments on the judiciary that earned her a verbal reprimand from Acting Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

The ANC NEC held a two-day meeting over the weekend to discuss what many believe have been transgressions on Sisulu’s part. If successful, the NEC’s complaints could see the Minister appear before the ANC’s integrity commission.

Asked about Sisulu’s remarks and her very public denial of ever apologising to President Cyril Ramaphosa, spokesperson Steve Motale had this to say to EWN:

“Nobody in their right mind dares their boss to fire them, nobody, and that’s not the intention of the minister. Those are misplaced insinuations.”

“Her intention was to contribute to the public discourse on some very burning issues and she is glad that her column has generated such huge interest,” he added.

The Sisulu has also been dragged by social media users after it was noticed that her recent statement had the Ministry of Tourism letterhead. They wondered why she was using state resources to reply to comments she made in her personal capacity.

Here are some comments:


“Where does the department of tourism come into this conversation? Is it under her KPI? Is she taking time off for this?


Am not sure why is she using the department’s resources for her nonsense aswell”

@Maliqo said:

Why you are using a government letterhead responding to the issue that was deemed as your views in your personal capacity?”


And she had to use the government’s letterhead for her Nonsense?


“These people are busy with their ANC nonsense using our state resources instead working for us!!!!!”

@Derrick_67 said:

“This is how Lindiwe rolls. She loves abusing state resources.”

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