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Four dead due to a car accident just outside Giyani

A car accident just happened outside Giyani, four people died from the car accident. The police haven’t yet identified the course of the accident. But a witness says that the car was travelling at a high speed. 

As the witness say, the car was travelling at a high speed as if the driver was drunk or was rushing somewhere. What just happened is an act of disappointment to the families of the four people who are dead. 

The police say that the four who just died were all drunk. This shows that people no longer have respect for the rules and laws of the road. 

While traveling people are told not to drink and drive. This brings a lot of shame and disappointment to our country as we fail to follow just simply rules and laws. Laws were created to keep us safe and alive, but we fail to follow them, and the consequences of not following these rules and laws are very bad. 

The police say that they’ll have to identify the dead bodies so they can inform the families of these people.

And also say that people need to follow the instructions of the road to travel safe till they have reached their destination and also to protect the people that are also traveling. 

As for the people who just died here may they rest in peace and the police say that they will not stop until they find the course of the accident and plead with those driving that they should follow the instructions and obey the rules of the road so their travel safe and arrive safe at they destination. Let’s keep the roads clean as we travel.

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