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10-year-old girl pregnant for 12-year-old boy

Never-ending wonders of the planet await us. When you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always something new to discover.

A 10-year-old girl is accused of being pregnant by her 12-year-old boyfriend in a fresh case.

It was evident in the couple’s baby belly photograph that they are looking forward to the arrival of this little one.

In response to the viral photo, social media users are divided. While the majority of users believe that it is immoral, some find nothing wrong with the couple having a child at such a young age. Most participants agreed that having a child is preferable to aborting one, despite the fact that they are still young.

He at least hasn’t fled away like his fathers. He took responsibility for his actions. Please let God supply for the needs of this couple as they care for their kid dassol. As a lady remarked, “Small kids wey prefer to eat grownup cuisine”.

“What is bad there…at least the boy no be runaway like runaway daddys. He owned up to his responsibility. May God bless and provide for them to be able to raise their child dassol. Small kids wey like to enjoy adult food”, one lady commented.

Another woman also wrote: “What is sad, some of you your grand parents gave birth at the age of 13. Educational mindset have made us to condemn so many things that was norm in the past. I love the fact that he stood by her. Those of you framing age for them mind you that nature may make them look that way. Some 50 yrs old looks like 20yrs body nature. If not the nature of this country will you look poverty eyes to see them. To those that have aborted yet condemning them they are better than you. A young boy taking responsibility inrespective of their mistakes is impressive. Both can still be educated and leave a better life tomorrow. I wish them luck👏.”

“This little boy is so courageous. People older than him would deny the girl but this small boy accepted and even showed it off to the world. Some would opt for abortion but these small minds said no.
May God look at their good heart towards the unborn child and bless them.”, one person also opinionated.

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