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Mzansi celebrates as community kills notorious robbery crew

In this country, there seems to be some discord on how criminals should be handled. There seems to be a scramble as to who has the right to administer punishment on suspects in the event that they get caught in the middle of committing the crime.

According to a report which was shared by the Crime Air Network on the 11th of January 2022, a gang of robbers ran out of luck. The Johannesburg CBD had become this crew’s favourite playground as they were constantly robbing citizens.

Some of the victims claimed that they would get robbed at gunpoint and this crew would take away your mobile phone and your wallet at times. They would flee on foot or use a getaway vehicle to flee from the scene.

Yesterday, after they carried out a robbery on a certain couple, hell broke loose. An alarm was raised as the suspects were on their way to their getaway vehicle.

A group of residents began pursuing after they and vehicles were hooting as the suspects tried to flee. As they began driving off, the numbers of people who were after them began multiplying. The chase came to an end when the suspects’ vehicle crashed as a result of steering wheel failure on the corner of Kruger and Jeppe Street, and a mob descended on them.

Everyone who was close by started beating them up, despite the fact that the crash had inflicted injuries on them. After a few minutes of thorough beating, the residents started leaving one by one as the police officers were beginning to come on the scene. 

Two occupants of this vehicle were declared dead and no one was arrested as those who beat them evaded from the scene.

The residents displayed a level of vigilantism which is unheard of especially in the CBD and their actions received mixed reactions. 

In a civilized society, their act is unacceptable but in South Africa, it is a different story.

Many are made to feel insensitive to such news, as there are so many heinous acts that happen in this country daily. It was noted that only a few residents were remorseful towards these suspects, as they had become a nuisance to almost everyone.

The police are in search of those who beat the suspects to death as they always state that they are the only ones with the right to discipline criminals.

However, many believe that the police always offer criminals blue carpet treatment. Some even label the police as ineffective when it comes to handling criminals and think that community members are the ones who know how best to end crime.

Below are some of the reactions which showed residents celebrating the death of members of this robbery crew.

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