Department of Human Settlement warns against RDP houses scams

The Department of Human Settlement has issued a stern warning to the public not to be victims of scams on social media which might might promise them RDP houses from the Housing Development Agency considering the numerous post all round social media about RDP houses.

The department said the adverts were misleading and that the agency did not see houses. It also warned people about a Facebook page that encouraged people to apply for RDP houses online.

Those wanting RDP houses should contact their provincial or local government to inquire about applying, the department said.

“Housing fraud and corruption include intentionally and unlawfully paying money, or making money or making any benefits to housing officials in return for an RDP house, service stands and rented council property or stands,” the department said.

It also includes subletting RDP houses or government properties for financial benefit.

Forgery of prospective beneficiaries’ signatures, or impersonating a beneficiary, as well as the unlawful occupation of RDP houses also constitute housing fraud.

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