Truth Revealed: Why Kaya FM fired Unathi Nkayi

It has been revealed that SA IDOLS judge, Unathi Nkayi was fired from Kaya FM for lying that her colleague, Sizwe Dhlomo verbally abused her.

Recorded audio saved Dhlomo and proved his innocence against Unathi Nkayi who was unceremoniously dismissed from Kaya FM on Wednesday due to her verbal attack on her colleague Sizwe and the station.

Sources said that the problem started when Nkayi, who hosts, Midday Joy show on the stationed complained that Dhlomlo arrived late to his show, which she was supposed to properly hand over to continue the Afternoon Drive show with Sizwe.
This led to a series of heated verbal attacks which he was accused of being a mate to his show.

Nkayi quickly reported Dhlomo to the Human Resource employee and claimed that he verbally abused her with F words and curse words. She was crying and claimed that Sizwe was yelling and even told her to fxxxing leave.

She also claimed that he was aggressive and intimidated her Jn so many ways.
After the incident Nkayi kept going to the Human Resource employee, demanding that Dhlomo be either dismissed or punished because she was scared of bringing around him.

Nkayi also threatened to unleash her lawyer on the radio station, if they fail to act against him.

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This led to them launching an investigation, that made them access the recorded verbal war that happened, luckily for Dhlomo, the record shows that he did not of those she accused him of, in fact, she was the aggressor and abuser herself.

The company told her that the obtained record doesn’t support her claims, which they played for her to listen to.

Nkayi was adamant as she insisted that the audio was manipulated and kept on pushing her threat, this led to her outright dismissal as they could not contain her threats, lies and misdeeds.

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