Vuyo Dabula outed by trans man, Demi The Doll

South African model, actor and bodybuilder Vuyo Dabula has been outed on social media by popular transgender Demi The Doll who claims she had been in steamy intercourse with the actor.

Vuyo, who plays the role of Gadafi in SABC 1’s popular soap opera, has outperformed Twitter after his name was dragged in by a sex scandal.

Demi, a transgender woman, claims that she and a hanky actor slept together for quite some time. She used Instagram Stories to reveal the details of the hookup. Demi said they met in the parking lot of the mall and accomplished the act there.

According to her, she is not the only transgender woman Vuyo is messing with, as she is very familiar with the other six transgender women who spent one or two nights with the star. Interestingly, she said Vuyo wasn’t the only celebrity she made things worse, but these celebrities usually pay R3000 to silence you.

Yeyi gurls, keep your ndodas better. Demi claimed that Vuyo was very stingy and did not give her a “closed mouth fee”, and she did not even mention that he was married. She thought he was a single father, but when she started digging for information about him, she found out that he was married.

I’ve attached a video so you can actually hear all the juicy details. You can see below how they met and continued to do so until they published each other.

Demi also talked about the star’s kiss ban policy she said she didn’t apply to her.

As they say, will all the good guys be taken away …

Vuyo Dabula Exposed For Cheating With Multiple Transgender Women Source link Vuyo Dabula Exposed For Cheating With Multiple Transgender Women

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