Exposed! Check out major parties donors, Oppenheimer funds ActionSA

The accounts of the donations made to various political parties have been intercepted and disclosed IEC, where it reveals that ActionSA, and the ANC received the highest amount of money towards the build to the election.

The newly emerged political party, ActionSA led by Mashaba made a very bold in road into the 2021 local elections, with focus on six municipalities, which proved to be very attractive option in the polity with votes ranging up to half a million nationwide also benefitted from the largesse from Oppenheimer

Oppenheimer Family funds Actionsa

As heirs to the multi-billion dollar De Beers mining fortune, the Oppenheimer family is the second-richest in South Africa – just behind the Ruperts. In the previous quarter, Mary Slack – the sister of Nicky Oppenheimer – was unveiled as a major donor to the DA. But not everyone in this clan is on the same page when it comes to politics.

That’s because Rebecca Oppenheimer – Nicky’s niece – donated R3.3 million to ActionSA in the run-up to the elections. Jessica Slack Jell and Victoria Freudenheim – also in the Oppenheimer brood – forked out roughly the same sum each, meaning that the family accounted for R10 million of ActionSA’s election warchest.

Oppenheimers are ActionSA’s donors

In total, Mashaba and his colleagues received around R17 million in major funding from wealthy donors – raking in slightly more than the DA (R16.87 million), and only a little less than what the ANC received (R22.6 million).

The IEC made the party funding details public on Thursday – and these revelations are likely to set tongues wagging. The Oppenheimers are frequently targeted by the EFF and some factions of the ANC, for representing ‘white monopoly capital’.

The fact that ActionSA has some allies in the family is now likely to make for some spicy political discourse.

Who are DA donors?

Philanthropist, Martin Moshal was the biggest individual donor to the Green Mamba, giving them R5 million from his own pocket. Funnily enough, he also donated R15 million to the DA this year. Make of that what you will…

[STATEMENT] Section 9(3) of the Political Party Funding Act 6 of 2018 & its supporting regulations require all registered political parties to disclose donations above the R100 000 threshold to the Electoral Commission. For more information please

Who are ANC donors?

But it also reveals that in times of need, the ANC continues to rely on three financial sources: the ANC’s investment arm Chancellor House, billionaire Patrice Motsepe and President Cyril Ramaphosa’s personal fortune.

Taken together, those three sources contributed R21,219,969 to the ANC’s pre-election coffers, with by far the largest portion (R15-million) coming from Chancellor House.

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