Jubliation, as South Africans reject state burial for apartheid Fw De Klerk

Many South African citizens have gone to social media to register their concern over the planned state burial of the former President Fw De Klerk, who happened to be the last president of the apartheid regime.

FW de Klerk – the last apartheid president, who was responsible for a terror regime that killed millions of black South Africans – has died aged 85.

He was the president of Apartheid South Africa, which was brought down by decades of struggle and resistance led by Black South Africans and the organising of civil society by means of global boycotts, divestments and sanctions.

Many South Africans are celebrating his demise because many lost their loved ones, wives, husbands and children during his time as the president. Many were tortured and imprisoned, while others were born in foreign countries.

Many have insisted that he does not deserve state burial and should not be recognised by the black people because of his role during the Apartheid regime.

Fw De Klerk, Former Apartheid President, is said to have murdered and butchering of many black people during his reign as the president and as such does not deserve any celebration or even a state funeral with South African tax money.

Chec out the reactions from many South Africans online.

Asked about the passing of FW De Klerk, PAC President, Mzwanele Nyhontso angrily said: “we don’t care about De Klerk,” adding that they wish that he could not even be buried in South Africa, but his body should be thrown into the sea. Further, there should be no state funeral for him.

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