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Angry mob throws man off Howick Falls in KZN

Search and rescue teams are currently searching around the Howick Falls, in the KZN Midlands, for a man who was allegedly assaulted and thrown into the bushes by an angry mob.

Emergency personnel who spoke to The Witness on Tuesday afternoon confirmed that the man was still alive. He was said to be at the bottom of the Falls near the water.

A source told The Witness that the man was arrested for murder and appeared at Howick Magistrates Court on Monday. Due to insufficient evidence, he was released.

“When he went back his place at Shiyabazali Informal Settlement, community members assaulted him and threw him in the bushes close to the Falls,” said the source.

The man was thrown from the opposite side of the Falls precinct’s viewing point.

Howick SAPS confirmed the search.

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