‘7de Laan’ fans are divided over Connie and Andre’s beach wedding

The Laanies were divided on Twitter last night after their fan-favourite couple (#Condre), Andre (Marcus Muller) and Connie finally got married at the beach.  

#Condre fans thought the pair deserved a church wedding with all their friends and family present while some loved the idea of their intimate beach wedding.   

The pair have been responsible for a lot of the drama that has taken place in Hillside over the past few years.

Viewers saw Andre getting arrested for raping and abusing his then-girlfriend, Marian Welman (Deirdre Wolhuter), and Connie (Quinne Brown) faking her pregnancy for several months after miscarrying their baby.  


Andre managed to convince Connie to have an intimate, drama-free wedding with friends as witnesses though Connie was not into the idea of getting married without her family present.   

The pair joined their besties Bonita (Hildegardt Whites) and De Wet Basson who were already on their baecation in Cape Town.  

They exchanged their vows on a beach in Cape Town in In front of their friends, Vanessa (Ingird Paulus) and Aggie (Nobuhle Mahlasela) and the Bassons.

Connie wore a long blue dress with shell-shaped patterns while André wore a simple, linen shirt and khaki pants.  

Viewers were also worried that the newlyweds might not make it back to Hillside alive as they predicted a shoot out with De Wet and his underground friends while they are in the Cape.  

De Wet (Dirk Stoltz) planned the Cape Town baecation with his wife, Bonita as he is planning to get her killed so that he can cash out the insurance policy he took out on her.   

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