Robert Marawa opens up on the relationship with Pearl Thusi

Sports broadcaster Robert Marawa recently spoke of his relationship with actress and media personality Pearl Thusi after they split in 2017. 

In an interview with Podcast and Chill, Robert recalled Pearl Thusi speaking of their break-up on Mac G’s show and said they had recently engaged in a conversation as they are still on good terms.

“The relationship came to an end, she’s right. There’s always been mutual respect. Actually we communicated just the other day,” he said.

The former Metro FM personality alluded that he had committed a lot more of his time to his career than he did to relationships, but said he liked that about Pearl.

“With Pearl there was respect all round. She also got the gig of Quantico when she was in New York, which was a positive thing, because I always knew that the one thing that’s driven her career is to one day hold a statue … an Oscar or whatever.”

Watch the interview below:

The two media personalities had attempted to keep their romance on the lowdown until they made their first public appearance as a couple at the annual Vodacom Durban July in 2016.

Robert has always been adamant that he remained friends with Pearl, even after their break-up.

“I confirm the rumour & speculation that our relationship with Miss Pearl Thusi ended a few months ago. We continue 2 be good friends, though,” he wrote at the time.

Robert and Pearl’s split left many of their fans sad, as they hoped the pair would eventually get hitched.

During an interview on East Coast Radio at the time, Robert said the split is “what it is”. 

“I never talk about my private life, but I decided to confirm it to protect both sets of families. If you don’t own your space, people can twist things and write things that are not true.”

When asked how he was feeling, he responded by saying that he woke up “feeling great” and added that he did not owe the country any details about his personal life. 

“It’s none of the people’s business and the only thing I owe South Africans is what I do on television and radio,” he said.

Pearl Thusi opens up on why relationship with Robert Marawa ended

The actress talked about a lot of things going on in her life and also her plans for her daughter in case she is not around. Even though the host was quite reluctant to ask the actress about her past relationship, he was quite surprise to find out his guest didn’t mind talking about it. The actress said:

In the recent edition of ‘Podcast and’ Chill with Mac G, Mzanzi actress, and TV personality Pearl Thusi was the guest. The actress in the podcast opened up on why it didn’t work between her and her ex, Robert Marawa.

Robert and I had a great relationship things didn’t work for reasons we’d rather not talk about. That wasn’t our intention but that’s what happened. You need to know when to leave situations no matter how much you want to stay
When something is not good for you don’t die in it, learn from it and move on.

In all my relationships I feel like that’s been the situation. I get to a point where I’m like – cause every relationship is supposed to be a consideration of, is this the rest of my life? – and if you’re saying No then you’re wasting time.

When you become uncomfortable in any situation then it’s time to grow. Some people are so desperate to stay safe and secure that they never grow. And that’s so sad for me.

The actress also talked about why the entertainment industry is the way it is today, and also touched on other issues.

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