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Rosemary Ndlovu latest news: Cellphone records link ex-cop to ‘hitmen’, she pleads not guilty

Evidence against Rosemary Nomia Ndlovu has revealed that she had constantly communicated with an alleged hitman.

Ndlovu had allegedly sourced Lakhiwe Mkhize and Njabulo Kunene to wipe out seven of her family members, including her mother Maria Mushwana, before her arrest in 2018.

Prosecutor Advocate Riana Williams presented cellphone records that revealed communication with Mkhize.

Despite cellphone records between Ndlovu, Kunene, and Mkhize, the former Tembisa policewoman denied calling the men on multiple occasions.

“I have never phoned Mkhize unless if he was with Kunene. He would use Kunene’s phone to contact me,” Ndlovu claimed.

On 28 January 2018, Ndlovu called Mkhize on his cellphone five times.

“I thought the number that I called belonged to Cebisile Kunene (Kunene’s sister). I didn’t know that the phone number in question belonged to Mkhize. I don’t dispute nor accept that the number belonged to Mkhize. I don’t dispute Mkhize’s testimony in court that the number belonged to him. 

“I don’t remember his phone number because I have never spoken to him. I thought I was calling Cebisile. I don’t deny calling his number. I was only calling Cebisile,” Ndlovu said.

Evidence in court revealed that on 30 January 2018, Ndlovu called Mkhize’s number 10 times.

An emotional Ndlovu claimed that she was arrested on 7 March 2018 in the presence of both Kunene and Mkhize at a taxi rank in Bushbuckridge.

“Njabulo was there when the police apprehended me. I asked him why I was arrested because I was only accompanying him to Bushbuckridge to see a traditional healer in Bushbuckridge,” said Ndlovu.


Things got heated in court when Williams put it to Ndlovu that she had killed Witness Madala Homu, Audrey Somisa Ndlovu, Maurice Mabasa, Zanele Motha, Mayeni Mashaba, and Brilliant Mashego.

The victims were all related to Ndlovu except Mabasa, who was her boyfriend.

“I didn’t kill Homu and Audrey. I didn’t defraud Clientelle, One Life Insurance, Old Mutual after Audrey’s death. I didn’t tamper with evidence on the scene where Audrey’s body was found.

“The court can say what it wants. I didn’t kill Mabasa. Where is the proof that I killed Mabasa? If the court says I committed the offence, so be it.

“How did I defraud Assupol because the premiums were collected from Mabasa’s accounts? I didn’t defraud anyone.

“How can I kill Zanele Motha? I didn’t kill her. How can I do that? If the court says I killed Motha, so, be it,” Ndlovu said, fuming.

Her response forced Judge Ramarumo Monama to reprimand her.

“You don’t have an obligation that you are innocent. The state must prove all allegations against you beyond a reasonable doubt. I am saying this because I am perturbed. The court can only arrive at a conclusion after hearing all evidence, evaluation, and applying the law.

“… rest assured that you are presumed to be innocent. When they put questions to you, either you agree, or you don’t,” Monama said.

An emotional Ndlovu responded: “I didn’t kill Mashaba. I deny conspiring with Kunene and Mkhize to kill my sister Nomasonto Gladys Ndlovu. I deny that. I disagree that I killed Mashego. It is not true that I conspired with Mkhize to kill my mother, my sister Joyce Ndlovu, and her five children.

“My mother testified that she didn’t know about a plot for her to be killed. I didn’t reach Joyce’s home. The police who arrested me were shown Joyce’s home by myself.”

The defence has closed its case.

The hearing continues on 14 October.

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