‘Black Coffee needs to seek help and therapy ‘ — Nandi Madida.

South African songstress, actress, model and TV presenter Nandi Madida has insinuated that Black Coffee needs to seek help and therapy following his comment on Zakes Bantwini, her husband hit track Osama.

The Maphumulo, KwaZulu-Natal, born actress who rose to stardom after she was featured by DJ Franky as a vocalist on single “Tonight”, said this on the show #DrinkOrTellTheTruth with Lasizwe.

We are always being served with juicy mgosi on a daily anywhere we bring it to your doorstep well spiced.

We are just coming back from the show by Lasizwe Drink or Tell The Truth, where celebrities usually reveal some interesting secrets and thoughts on certain issues.

This time, it is coming from the beautiful Nandi Madida who didn’t hesitate to spill the beans when asked what her opinion is on Black Coffee’s criticism of Osama track by her husband.

She said, “a lot of us with child trauma should seek help and therapy, all of us”.

The answer left Mzansi bewildered as it is really clear who she was referring to even though she added “all of us” just to divert our attention. But we got the first line.

“Our favourite International DJ Black Coffee said that the song by your husband Osama is not original, how does that make you feel “?

Nandi responded, “I think it is important for those people who are watching, a lot of us with child trauma needs to review and seek help and therapy, I mean, all of us”.

what the full episode here.

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