Nomia Ndlovu denies calling for the boyfriend’s insurance premiums

The court has heard shocking revelations about events leading up to the murder of Maurice Mabasa, multiple murders accused Nomia Ndlovu’s boyfriend. 

The state has revealed that two weeks before Mabasa was murdered, Ndlovu made a call to the insurance company to enquire if Mabasa’s premiums were up to date. Mabasa was found with fatal stab wounds in October 2015.  

Ndlovu has, however, denied this, saying it was Mabasa himself who had made the inquiry using her phone.  

“It was Maurice who made the call to the insurance company using my phone. I am not the one who wanted to know whether her policy was up to date,” says Ndlovu. 

The court has heard that at the time of Mabasa’s murder, Nldovu only had R1.71 in her bank account, which she has attributed to the fact that it was on the 14th of the month and she had nothing left of her R7 088 salary at the time. 

Six days later, she then received her first payout of R21 000, which was followed by many other policy payouts, including R115 000 from Mabasa’s former employers, amounting to R416 000. 

Earlier, Mabasa was questioned about the nature of her relationship at the time of her death. Previous witnesses, Mabasa’s brother Justice and Sergeant Maluleke testified to the fact that the two had issues at the time of Mabasa’s killing – something which the 43-year-old former police officer denied.  

“From what I heard from their evidence, Justice said I stayed with Maurice, but not married by way of paying lobola. That’s what Justice said. But he never mentioned we had a problem and that we never stayed together. Even Maluleke’s evidence … he never mentioned I was never staying with him. He mentioned we were staying together but had never paid lobola.” 

Ndlovu says, even though she doesn’t have the exact figures, she spent a lot of the money she received on funeral arrangements and helping Mabasa’s family financially after his murder.

Mabasa’s body was discovered on the 14 of October 2015 with stab wounds, but with R300 still in his pocket, which the state has argued clearly shows he was not killed to be robbed but to take him out. 

She has denied any involvement. 

“I don’t know what happened. I wasn’t there. I am innocent of this. I heard that money was found in his possession. I don’t know anything about that. I also heard the body was found with stab wounds, but I don’t know anything about that.” 

The trial continues at the Johannesburg High Court.  

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