The truth: Who wrote the lyrics of Siyathandana? Boohle or Cassper?

There has been series of opinions flying left, right and centre since the interview of Boohle with MacG surfaced online.

It generated another drama which came with a lot of disappointment from music fans who are raged that Boohle threw Cassper under the bus, despite just being new in the industry.

During the interview, Mac G implied that Cassper did not make a lot of contribution to the song, and his cerse was not really needed. Boohle interjected and said “He didn’t write anything on that song? He only came with his verse. I wasn’t even there.

When Cassper saw the snippet on Twitter, he responded thus.

“This is so disappointing and I’ve watched it a few times. I won’t even explain anything about how this song was written but I got so much love for Boohle man. One of the most gentle of souls I’ve met and we made magic together. May God bless her, May she make many more hits.”

But here are verifiable fact from the metadata and every available information we have gathered.

Boohle has been making music with De Mthuda and Ntokzin before her path crossed Cassper.

Siyathandana is the biggest project Boohle has been involved in by miles.

Cassper is not the reason we have Boohle. So many Amapiano songs have reached the top without big artists. Think before you reply.

Cassper claimed to have written the melody and not the lyrics.

“Siyathandana” (feat. Abidoza & Boohle)

“This is one of those special songs that just takes off. Abidoza posted a video playing the song in the club. It went everywhere and the fans just started demanding it. That’s the beautiful thing about amapiano—the people choose the hits. | actually wrote the song’s melody and Boohle wrote the words, saying, ‘I’ve been telling them about our love. Usually people would say, ‘Till death do us part, but she says, ‘Even after death, you and | will meet and fall in love again’ It’s not often you get lyrics like that, and that’s why this is such a deep song.”

The melody for Siyathandana was INCORPORATED from “World Hold On” by Bob Sinclair and Boohle used that as a reference when writing her part on the song.

Cassper Nyovest recognized and has given Boohle credit for her part in the song.

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