Tshepi Vundla issues an apology for her past tweets and remarks made on the podcast.

Following her derogatory statements made on a YouTube podcast, On The Table, Tshepi Vundla has since issued out a statement addressing the backlash.

The influencer received heaps of insults after she dissed ‘broke’ woman whilst in conversation with hosts Tshepi Mabs, DJ Black Velvet, Noluthando Nkwali and the Ghost Lady.

Tshepi Vundla deactivated her Twitter account after receiving major backlash for comments she made about women’s financial independence.

A clip from a discussion she had with the women of the ‘On The Table’ podcast has gone viral. The footage was part of a season finale recap.

Hosts DJ Black Velvet, Tshepi Mabs, and Noluthando Nkwali looked back at some of the biggest talking points during the season.

They were joined by their special guest, Tshepi, who shared her opinion on various topics including what women have to offer in a relationship.

Tshepi slammed women who expect men to take care of them financially.

“It’s nice to be treated and spoiled and be bought nice things but also it is so much better when you buy it yourself,” she said on the podcast.

But things went downhill when Tshepi revealed that she doesn’t like it when women expect men to buy them things.

“You know what I can’t stand about girls on social media? Sbwl baecation, sbwl iPhone12. One, where are your parents? Two, can’t you buy it for yourself but you’re expecting men to do these things for you,” she said.

Her comments ruffled a few feathers, and Mihlali Ndamase was one of several people who clapped back at Tshepi’s remarks.

The episode which premiered on September 1, trended a week later as social media users shared the two clips where Tshepi dragged women who depend on men to do stuff for them.

The influencer who is dating rapper JR slammed the SBWL trend which has been popularised mostly by women. To explain what it means, SBWL is an acronym for sayibaweli which is a Xhosa word for ‘craving.’

Tshepi finds it distasteful for women to constantly SBWL things and expect men to provide these things for them. These things include baecations and the latest iPhones gadgets. She reckons that women should just ask their parents to do that for them or better yet do it for themselves.

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