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ANC Niehaus presses on with fraud, corruption charges against ANC top shot

Axed African National Congress (ANC) employee Carl Niehaus and others are expected to push ahead and lay fraud and corruption charges against the party and its top officials on Wednesday.

He said not going ahead after indicating a desire to do so last week would have lacked integrity.

Niehaus was fired last week after failing to provide the party with a sufficient explanation behind a media alert inviting journalists to watch him and others lay a criminal complaint against the ANC top 5.

This is linked to the non-payment of salaries, which the party has finally started rectifying.

Niehaus said charges they to lay included several statutory crimes including the Unemployment Insurance Act, the Pension Fund Act, Pay As You Earn Regulations and the Tax Administration Act.

He insisted his dismissal was merely an attempt to intimidate others from joining him, but he insisted backing down was not an option.

“It would have been that we have cried wolf without acting. We cannot allow criminal activity to go unchecked, nor can we allow whistleblowing, and laying of charges against those that in our minds have committed serious financial maladministration and crimes to be intimidated not to do so,” Niehaus said.

He and others are expected to open up a case against the party at the Johannesburg central police station at 11 am.

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