uMfana Kah Gogo biography, Age, Real name, School, Songs

uMfana Kah Gogo caught the attention of many with his talent as when his video circulated on social media last week, with some of South Africa’s most popular artists contacting him from time to time.

What is his real name

His real name is Sipho Mbonambi but popularly called “Mfana kaGogo

How he was discovered

According to his manager, Mafutha, finding Gogo’s Boy was not easy. It took him two weeks to find her, and he finally found him in a rural area of Tafelkop, Zwelibomvu, near Mariannhill.
“I’m known as a person who helps young people to be known for what they do. Many times people begged me to help Mfana Kagogo but they did not know where he lived. Then I went out to look for him, “said Mafutha.

How he became popular

He was discovered when he posted a video of him on social media with the intention of what his followers would say, but was blown away as he found out that he has gone viral.

A lot of people started demanding for him to put out records witrhout hestitation. He got a lot support and messages from artists like Cassper Nyovest, The Rude Boys, Gold Max of Destruction Boyz, Vetkoek & Mahoota and other who are interested in reaching out to him.

Gogo Mfana kaGogo early life

Mfana kaGogo was raised by the grand mother who is surviving on pension fund, was subjected to a lot of suffering as a kid.

His songs are mostly inspired by his hardship and background .

Record Label

He is currently signed to two recording contracts with music companies, one of which was overseas.

Gogo Mfana kaGogo still goes to school and loves education, and enjoys going reading his books despite his popularity online.

How old is Gogo Mfana kaGogo

Mfana kaGogo was born in 2004, making him 17 years old in 2021.

What is the name of Gogo Mfana kaGogo school

Gogo Mfana kaGogo is a Grade 11 pupil, in Fundinduku Secondary school.

Link to Mpura Mpura

A lot of people have attributed his style to the popular late Amapiano Mpura Mpura, a Soweto pianist who recently passed away in a car accident last month along with five other artists including Killer Kau .

uMfana Kah Gogo performance

On Saturday Mfana Kagogo performed at a party in Yard, Umlaza, where he left people speechless, he was overwhelm with the level of support he has got.

Mfana Kagogo Dream

He wants ti become very popular and make a lot of money so that he can build a decent house to his grandmother.
“My grandmother is very supportive. He never left me, not even asking for money to do music. “He was packing his bags and taking out the last penny for me to leave,” he concluded

Mfana Ka Gogoa songs

He has only dropped two unofficial songs namely:

Mfana Ka Gogo – Jabula 

Mfana Kah Gogo – Hlala Ethembeni ft. Bobo Mbhele 

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